Sunday, September 4, 2011

Cutting down on posts :(

Hey Everyone, I am so sorry I have been missing since vacation.
When we got home I went into work mode with the foundation tunnel vision to make our first event the best it could possibly be, and during the craziness I suffered a terrible loss.
I found out One of my dear friends tragically passed away, I was and still am devastated from it. He was one of my favorite people in the world, and a piece of my heart is now gone.
after the trauma of his death I shut down for a short time, only focusing on doing what NEEDED to be done, Basic household chores and caring for my A-bunny.
It has been 2 months and I can honestly say despite the ache I feel in my chest when I think of my friend, life Is back in the swing for me.  The foundation is doing incredibly well, we are getting more recognized everyday, and people are spreading the word! We were offered another booth for the end of Sept. and I am working hard on that as well!

My Sister Lipshun Had her baby girl the day of the celebration, and I am in LOVE! But that also means My Vice president and co-director of the foundation has been on maternity leave since July! lol another reason I have been absent!

So what I am trying to say, Is I am truly sorry for not updating, but my posts are going to continue to be few and far between for a while, This is a crucial time for the foundation in order for it to be successful, between those duties, my duties at home which everyone knows as MANY, and my need to keep as busy as humanly possible I fear that I wont have time to update this as much as I would like!
For now I am going to promise a post per month, Soon we will have our foundation page up and running and our tax exemption and that means I will be even busier, so try and be patient with me!! ;)

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Busy Busy Mommy!

Again many apologies for my absence this past week, lots going on once again!

Big boy got a promotion at work, The same day the promotion was confirmed, The foundation was offered a sponsored booth at a local celebration, which is HUGE! around 20,000 people from all over the Hudson valley traffic this celebration every year, so its a fantastic opportunity to introduce the foundation to the community! So I have been planning that as well!
working on yet another baby shower wishing well, and packing up to leave for vacation tomorrow!

A-bunny is doing fantastic, she is now running around our house, combing her hair, and her new favorite word is pretty!
she goes around asking "pretty pretty please" for everything, she puts her headbands on and hats and says "pretty pretty hat"
its quite possibly the cutest thing EVER!

I will elaborate more when we get home from vacation, but I just wanted to drop in and give a quick update and let you know I wont have access to the computer until after Thursday, so my funny little stories are going to have to wait!

see you in a week!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Boy crazy before 2

A-bunny has been a flirt since she was able to focus her eyes. She see's a good looking guy and she immediately bats her eyes, and shrugs up her shoulder, and acts bashful and gives a flirty little smile. Going to big trouble later on in life for Big Boy and myself!
Well A-bunny has developed a big crush on her friend C.
So big in fact that when she see's him she immediately starts showing off to get his attention, smiles from ear to ear and of course is very happy and excited! Well she got to visit with C. the other day, Big Boy and I went to a Yankee game with some good friends, and left A-bunny with our friend (C.'s Mom) 
She had a great time Playing there! And after we picked her up she was sooo exhausted on the ride home that something happened that NEVER happens, she fell asleep in the car.
When we pulled into the driveway she woke up, which would not be abnormal until the first thing out of her mouth was C's name.
She went and had her bath and told Big boy about her day while splashing around. And when she got out I was on the computer looking at a picture C's mom took while A-bunny was there.
C was in the picture along with Bunny girl & another little boy she watches. 
Well A-bunny takes one look at the picture and starts shrieking with excitement "dats conger mommy" (conger is her adaptation of C's actual name)
and then for 15 min strait repeated his name.

I think teen years are going to be rather painful! I wish my mom were alive! I would try and square my karma with her & apologize to her! I am getting a slight glimpse of what she went through for years with me! NOT FUN!

Monday, June 13, 2011


So Lipshuns #2 baby sprinkle was this weekend, turned out beautifully, most of the people that RSVP yes showed up despite the ugly weather forecast!

The only hurdle I really had was my kid!
I thought for sure she was going to knock right out at bedtime, she had been playing and visiting all day with people, running and using up tons of energy.
BUT.... NO such luck, we spent the night at poppasons house and she was not feeling the change in scenery! She just wanted her cushy bed in her quiet room at home, the pack n play in the strange room wasn't cutting it!
It took me 2 hours 2 do something that normally take 5 min. 
And when she finally did fall asleep the entire party aside from lipshun, keanu, and keanu's brother, and of course my aunt and cousin who were also spending the night, had left the building.
so much for mommy let loose time huh!?
I don't like spending the night away from home either, I have a very hard time sleeping to begin with, and when im out of my element its much worse, so I didn't finally doze off until after 2am, and wouldn't you know, A-bunny was up and crying at 3:30?!
she would not go back to bed until after 5am, and luckily then slept till 8, so I had a grand total of 4hours of sleep. Lucky me I had soccer the next day...... so while Big boy took A-bunny home for her to get a much needed nap, I was reffing soccer games for 2 hours! ( I wont complain 2 much I really do enjoy doing it and I get 2 see one of my best friends every week because of it!)

Needless to say we will not be having many sleep overs away from home unless ABSOLUTELY necessary! 

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Big Boy or 2nd Kid?

A-bunny, Big boy and I were invited to a friends son's birthday party a few weeks back, A-bunny Love's this boy C, as well as his mommy, she getssoooo excited when she see's them. Pretty sure she's got a little bit of a crush on C.
A-bunny had a great time at the party, so good in fact that she refused to nap because she didn't want to miss anything, so I took her to lipshunshouse to try and get her a little rested so big boy could hang out at the "after party" the Big people's fun time.

well my plan was foiled, A-bunny did not nap, so I decided to stay at Lipshuns, get some food for dinner and give Big boy more time to play, I went to pick him up an hour after I told him we were going to head home.

This is where my question came from, Big Boy or 2nd Kid?!
When I arrived at the party to collect my husband, I was met in the road by him and my brother in law Keanu! What was supposed to be an easy transition in my head, quickly turned into negotiating with what felt like 4 and 5 year olds.
I was all of a sudden being hammered with guilt into staying with my so much more than cranky 13 month old in the back seat of the car!
I swear it sounded like "mom cant I stay and play" and "cant you guys just sleep over my house its ok with my mom"
When the whining and begging didn't work, Keanu changed his tactic and began annoying me into changing my mind Hanging on me ( mind you I'm about 110lbs and 5'6 he is 6'4 and 240 lbs), tickling me, using my head and an arm rest, and blocking me from big boy......meanwhile  Big Boy being the manipulative child now was on the phone with lipshun to try and get her ok on the sleep over.
after 20 min of being hammered by the over sized toddlers I finally folded, I agreed to stay until A-bunny started to have a melt down and that Big Boy could have a sleep over with Keanu. 

When I got pregnant I did not sign up for a 5'11 240lb toddler & his partner in crime mister 6'4 240lb brother!
How exactly did this happen?!

OH AND THE KICKER!! I ALMOST FORGOT.......... your going to love this!!! After the crazy guilt and manipulation shenanigans in the street were finished, don't you know Big boy comes over says "thank you" and then has the nerve to say "Your making me feel guilty for going home without me" I LOST IT I said "OH NAY NAY, YOU DON'T GET TO PASS THE GUILT BACK ONTO ME! YOU JUST TAG TEAM GUILT TRIPPED ME WITH YOUR BIG BROTHER OVER THERE" 
he laughed and just said "thank you, I love you"

Many Apologies

First I want to apologize to those of you who follow daily! I have been a very busy bee lately and Its been a little hard for me to get to the computer. For this I will be making it up to you! I plan on giving you a few posts today! this one is simply going to be a catch up blog, and I have a some of my escapades to share later!

To catch you up on what has been keeping me so busy I will start with a foundation update! 
As of last Friday we are officially filed in Albany for Incorporation, we should have the official name recognized as a NYS charity sometime between now and  the very latest August! were hoping for sooner rather then later! I have been researching local business and chamber of commerce for possible sponsorships once out IRS 501 status is accepted, and as always thinking of new and exciting fundraising options!

In addition to the foundation my Lipshuns "sprinkle" for the 2nd baby has been tying me up as well, figuring out who is bringing what, making sure my prizes for the raffle are squared away, and figuring out a course of action for the prep and cleanup!
Its going to be lots of fun!

and as always my bosses have been keeping me real busy on top of this, running errands, cooking, spring cleaning, reading, playing and so on!

so please accept my apologies, I am going to try my hardest to keep it from happening again! ;)

Friday, May 27, 2011

Time Crunch

Today seems to be moving at a snails pace I am trying to dig up money for the foundation filing fee's and its very slow going, if you haven't been keeping up with the foundation updates I'll recap a little!

My mother Died from Cervical cancer back in Oct of 2001, its been nearly 10 years, and the breakthroughs in cancer treatments have been minimal in that time.
My sister Lipshun & I along with Big boy Started Brainstorming on how we can effect more change in that area. I decided I wanted to start a Charity, One that contributes to Cancer research, but also helps patients in treatment and their families in financial need! I immediately got the support of both of them, Lipshun and I have been brainstorming for a while, I have been reaching out to lawyers and accountants for help, and we have got some major feedback, in fact they are both working for the foundation pro bono without even having our incorporation filed yet!

Here lies the problem, The incorporation and filing to be recognized as a NYS charitable organization costs about $330.00
then to get 501 tax exemption costs about $750.00, these are standard filing fee's we cant get around!

Both Lipshun and I are in single income houses, so our money contributions are minimal, and we have had a few friends offer with help once we are up and running ( which is amazing!) but only a couple offers to help with the fee's. ( thank you to the couple who have offered it means more then you know!) so we are a little less then halfway to the fee's total!

So I am digging, like seriously digging, If I Had the money I would pay for out outright and not even bother asking anyone until they are able to write it off on their taxes! BUT I haven't worked in over a year, my soccer paycheck is not substantial by any means, And I am already using ALL of ittowards the foundation!

So I have been wracking my brain on how to come up with the rest of the fee's before the middle of next week, I am determined to get this filed by next week, I want us to be able to accept contributions by the end of the summer! I am now off to roll ALL of the change I have in my house, and hope I get some more e-mails or phone calls! Crossing my fingers we'll get some more offers to help!